With vast horticultural industry experience, Ebtech Glasshouse Systems can supply your new commercial glasshouse.

  • New & used commercial glasshouses direct from the Netherlands, supplied and erected
  • Garden centres and glasshouse facades.
  • Refurbishment, modification, repairs and maintenance.
  • Associated irrigation, water, electrical, environmental control systems benching and transport systems, utilising the latest industry technologies and innovations.
  • Supply only, part project and turnkey packages to suit your requirements and budget.

Polytunnels with heating & the RHI

Growers are using the generous GSHP RHI to fund complete new heated poly tunnels for rent to multiple growers. The case study below shows how a landowner has a heated 1Ha of heated polytunnels with a guaranteed income of £200,000pa from the RHI.

The rental income from commercial growers (renting individual tunnels) adds to this producing a return on investment of less than 5 years.