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We have complete design and build ability to develop your turnkey project.


We can design your new energy centre from the ground up, using all our years of experience to incorporate all those little details that make the difference.

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Ebtech has in house 3D CAD design capabilities, enabling us to provide clients with visual representations of new installations and further more providing our engineers and installation crews with clear and concise drawings to ensure that the build is in line with the intended design.


The ability to walk through a glasshouse or plant room before a spade has hit the floor or a welder sparked up is a massive hit with our clients, and ensures they are getting exactly what they want and need from an installation before its starts, and ensuring the best use of space available and that additional services and equipment can be incorporated into the same space when required.

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Design and Build 1.JPG
Design and Build - Volmary.jpg
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