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Ebtech are fully focused on providing solutions for reducing carbon emissions.


Wind turbines are one of the most effective solutions when working towards achieving Net Zero targets.

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Solid Wind power have developed the

SWP – 25kW which is reliable, efficient, and silent.

The turbine’s design focuses heavily on blade technology as well as optimising the turbine’s performance.

The blades have been fitted with lightning protection systems, allowing direct strikes without causing mechanical damage.

Ebtech can supply and install the complete system allowing you to optimise your energy savings and reduce your carbon footprint.

SWP - 25kW.png

Technical Data

Wind Class                      IEC Class II

Rated Power                           25kW

Rotor Diameter                   15.95m

Hub Height                       17m/18m

Nominal Wind Speed                  10m/s

Starting Wind Speed                     3m/s

Cut-Out Wind Speed                   25m/s

Survival Wind Speed                59.5m/s

Rotations Per Minute      Up to 51 RPM

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