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The future of heating in the UK is most definitely focused on renewable energy technology.


We design and install ground, water and air source heat pump systems from 100kW to 20MW.

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UK energy policy is now definitely focused on renewable technology, with regular announcements on new initiatives to speed the rate of decarbonisation.

Heating accounts for over half of UK CO2 emissions and the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy is underway. Heat pumps, running from wind and solar power, are the preferred solution to facilitate this transition. However, there are obstacles to overcome, not least the investment required.

Installing of a heat pump ground array

We recognised this challenge early on and have developed a specialism in innovative heat pump technologies, which has allowed us to significantly reduce the overall project costs associated with large scale projects. Steve and Jonathan are constantly engaged in looking to improve the efficiency of heat pump systems.


Consequently, Ebtech have become one of the UK market leaders in large scale heat pump installations for the commercial and agricultural industries, working very closely with the major manufacturers and the Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

Ebtech offer a high level of expertise in the following areas:

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps

  • Water Source Heat Pumps

  • Air source heat Pumps

  • Heat recovery and ambient loops

  • Integration of heat pumps into existing heating systems through intelligent hydraulic design

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