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We are experienced in the total design and build of biomass solutions for the horticultural, agricultural & commercial industry, from commission to installation.

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With over 60 installations from 50kW to 6000 kW, Ebtech has installed in excess of 60MW of biomass heating using fuels such as wood chip, wood pellet, waste wood and straw. 


​The long term efficiency of a heating system starts with the right design. Our specialist heating designers work with you to ensure the most cost-effective heating and our team is experienced with all types of fuels.

Long term fuel security is key to running and planning for a business. We can advise on and help you source reliable fuel, including fuel from waste. We offer waste compliant boilers that can utilise numerous fuel types.

Many of our competitors have come and gone within the biomass industry, and no other company has accumulated the extent of knowledge that Ebtech has over the past decade.


The experience we have gained is now being applied to new biomass systems across Europe, as the renewable energy markets change across the countries.

We have installed just about everything the biomass market has to offer since our first installation in 2008 (the year the company was formed!), from 30kW log boilers to 6MW straw boilers.


Wood chip, in its virgin, recycled, waste and pellet forms are all part of the Ebtech portfolio, as well as the fuel feed systems associated with these, including walking floors, toploaders and vertical silos.


No two biomass installations are ever the same, and we are experienced in the total design and build of the system, from ground level to commissioned installation.

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