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Coletta and Tyson are one of Europe’s largest independent growers of ornamental plants, with nurseries covering 400 acres across East Yorkshire

In 2020 Ebtech Energy Systems were asked to look at the existing fossil fuelled heating system at one of their key sites, Woodmansey Garden Centre, with a view to replacing the gas boilers with an environmentally friendly alternative.

Ebtech performed a number of site surveys and assessed a range of options, including biomass boilers, biomass CHP and GSHP. However, given the layout of the site and the available space, a 1MW air source heat pump from Carrier was chosen as the most cost-effective solution to provide the year-round heating load for the growing areas as well the extensive retail area and café.

Work on the installation began in January 21 and the system was commissioned by 31st March 2021, with minimal disruption to the site. This quick turnaround from concept to execution was facilitated by utilising 3D design technology in order to minimise on site installation time.

Ebtech’s Technical Director, Steve Ward, commented that “The project is a good demonstration of using relatively low-cost air source technology to drastically reduce a site’s carbon emissions from heating, without expensive groundworks and major investment on modifying or replacing internal heating infrastructure”.

Ebtech Energy Ltd. are specialists in the supply and installation of heating systems and mechanical and electrical services for the horticultural, agricultural and commercial industries. For more information please visit


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