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Ebtech Glasshouse Systems have recently been involved with their Dutch used glasshouse supplier, Olsthoorn, to supply and build a small glasshouse dispatch area as an addition to the main one-hectare project recently completed near York.

This area measured in total 396.8m² - this consisted of a front gable of 22.4m wide.

The glasshouse was an L shape to attach easily to the existing structures, with the longest length being 20m and the post height was 4.0m

The structure was built on the existing concrete platform that was previously being used as an open-air loading station, we merely made it enclosed with three 3.0 x 3.0m sliding doors on the front gable for loading purposes and a personnel door on the side.

The covered loading area will now enable the grower to store and move around his stock before the loading of the lorries without damage from wind or rain.

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