Glasshouse Heating Experts

Since its formation Ebtech Solutions Ltd have quickly grown to become to ‘go too’ company for horticultural heating systems in the UK and beyond. Offering both a local and national service we pride ourselves on offering our clients a first class service with unrivalled experience within the UK to provide an alternative to the traditional use of Dutch companies.

Ebtech’s Managing Director, Matt Blood has 27 years experience in the design, supply and project management of horticultural heating installations across the country and combined with the experience brought by Ebtech’s staff, this experience extends to over 50 years of knowledge.

Additionally to this, Ebtech’s team works very closely with several Dutch glasshouse specialists, providing us with that all important link to the latest developments in the horticultural industry in the Netherlands.

Controls = Cost Savings

Over the last few years many people have upgraded their boilers and seen huge savings, which ever fuel they use. Many ignored their distribution network and controls. Modern systems allow levels of control unimagined a few years ago and they come with huge fuel saving too. Call us about a site meeting and a no obligation look at your whole site heating and ventilation.